hydraulic hammer hire uk&Ireland

About Hydraulic Hammer Hire (HHH)

With over 30 years experience in construction equipment .........

and the most POWERFUL excavator mounted attachments available in the U.K and Ireland, Hydraulic Hammer Hire are the market leaders in there chosen field!

With an awsome range of equipment including, Rock Breakers,Concrete Pile Breakers,Vibrating Plates, Sheet Pile Drivers, Demolition Attachments etc....

We are a true " one stop shop" for anyone considering Hiring or Buying any type of attachment, for anyone looking to have equipment repaired or anyone looking for advise on machine/attachment compability.............call us thats what we are here for!

Our sales staff are regulary called to do site visits to offer advise on :

  • What size of breaker should be used.
  • how best to deal with a particular layout of concrete piles.
  • Can we have a demo.
  • Can our machine operate the Pulverizer.
  • and so on......

    whatever your question "call the attachment people", call H.H.H at: 01506-650000